A quick word about mono

Mono is an open source, cross-platform, implementation of the .NET development framework which is based on Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). Its environment consists of a compiler, virtual machine, and API classes. Although .NET supports many languages, right now Mono’s main compiler focus is on the C# language. Why Mono makes development attractive and stirring for developers:

  • The managed environment prevents writing beyond the end of an array, access a null pointer, and many other errors that are pervasive in non-managed programs. Instead, exceptions can be used by programmers to handle errors elegantly.
  • Memory management can quickly become a pain as the C or C++ project grows exponentially. As a result, the buggy code generates unexpected program termination, often convoluted by bad behaving code that coarsely scribbles over different regions of the memory. Exception handling and virtual machine environment of Mono means that errors can be isolated easily. The attractive performance of compiled C++ is quickly diminished by the headache of tracking down memory leaks.
  • Legacy integration in mono follows safe sandbox approach to disallow any untrusted and unsafe code


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